Corporate Social responsibility

Unisafe has always prioritized Corporate social responsibility as a key feature to give back to the community and ensure that people live in a more safer, clean and healthy environment.

1. Community fire safety awareness.

Unisafe has a policy on community fire safety which involves working with local communities to address fire safety issues in their area. For a long time, we have aimed to educate people about the dangers of fire, using a mixture of approaches


2. Voluntary firefighting services and Kenyan Betting Guides within Kiambu county. Supporting the county fire brigade with expertise and equipment when needed.

3. Fire safety awareness at schools, learning institutions and churches to ensure a safe meeting place for our institutions.

4. Fire drills at schools to equip different parties with the skills needed to curb fire incidents

5. Risk assessment for schools in order to advice on measures to prevent and handle fire with minimum damage to people and property.

Safety first

Better safe than sorry

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